Quality of Life Governance

Chester County’s quality of life is extraordinary, and I feel called to step forward to protect our way of life. As a servant of “we the people,” I envision utilizing my unique career background to help lead a policy-responsive and cost-effective state government for us.

My Platform

Fiscal Responsibility

In general, governments are already well-funded, and their continuous expectation of collecting evermore money is unacceptable.

Responsible Fiscal Stewardship

Responsible fiscal stewardship revolves around no tax increases, not incurring operating debt, and financial management to achieve strong fiscal ratings, especially for economic and business development purposes.

Prudent Spending

Spending in general must be prudent, and particularly must confront the fiscal challenge that nearly one-half
of the state budget connects to education functions.

Respect Taxpayers

Governments must respect that “their” money actually belongs to the taxpayers and must adhere to the highest standards of fiscal responsibility.

Economic Prosperity

The state must maximize free market private sector growth and minimize job-crushing regulations to foster a thriving economy to support flourishing life and career opportunities in our county.

As economic development leaders, legislators can play a critical role in the geographic competition to attract and retain employers. Astutely applied, policy tools to generate return on investment for our county include workforce development initiatives, business-friendly regulations, and tax incentives.



Increasing Private Sector Growth

Maximizing free market private sector progress and minimizing government growth helps foster a thriving economy characterized by flourishing life and career opportunities.

Strong Jobs Base

Keep our business climate strong and sustain our employment opportunities in Chester County by creating a pro-business climate

Standing Up for Small Business

Small businesses are the mainstay of the main streets of our communities. Our local business owners are community leaders and provide vibrancy in our communities. As contributors to our county’s prosperity, they add much to our quality of life.

I will help small business owners by cutting red tape and advocating for their priorities.

Strong Schools

The availability of excellent education choices, private and public, boosts real estate values for all as well as helps convince choice employers to locate to an area. While respecting private school leadership and school boards as the primary governing agents in education, this sector is important for Chester County given the state’s significant role in education funding and regulations.

These functions and the related funding should be designed to support safe and healthy families and communities, which in turn help underpin productive learning environments and schools.

School Choice

Excellent education choices, public and private, help provide students with a quality education to allow them to pursue the American Dream.  

Local Governance of Schools

As local school boards and private school leadership function as the primary governing bodies for education, the state’s role must be properly balanced as a partner in education policy that provides much funding to our local schools.

Encouraging the Next Generation of Leaders

Education outcomes must foster a  knowledgeable and engaged citizenry, as well as be designed to meet the economic and societal challenges of our time.

Combating the Drug Crisis

Among other concerns about today’s youth, the fentanyl and opioid crisis continues to cause damage, and the needed multi-faceted response requires actions across a number of local and state agencies in the name of protecting our youth as well as local communities more broadly.

Public Safety

The rule of law should be respected as a core value of this county. I will support both law enforcement and emergency services to uphold the rule of law and public safety.

Respecting the Rule of Law

The rule of law must be respected as a core value across this state and in our county.

Coordination Between State and Local Governments

Emergency preparedness and homeland security is entrusted with the state directly as part of the budget and indirectly as a policy partner with local governments.

Law and Order

Vibrant areas are those in which citizens feel safe while simply going about daily life, and can depend upon a respected legal system to reinforce society’s commitment to law and order.

Supporting Law Enforcement

Public officials must be unwavering in their commitment to law enforcement by the state as well as in partnership with local police departments.

Land Management

The significant growth in Chester County’s population, and the desire to preserve some open space, means that the state’s Municipaltiies Planning Code (MPC) must be strengthened and utiltized in this regard.

Smart Development and Conservation

Smart development principles coupled with conservation initiatives, to include striking a balance between
open space preservation and hunting and recreational usage, should be the path forward.

Decreasing the Fiscal Burden on Local Government

Smart development helps lessens impacts on schools, public utilities such as water and sewage, roads,
emergency services, and ultimately the fiscal reality of taxes and budget pressures to provide these services.

The Municipalities Planning Code

The state’s Municipalities Planning Code (MPC), in coordination with local planning and zoning at the
borough and township level, charts a course for future success.