Join Team Duane

Welcome to the official website of Duane Milne, candidate for Chester County’s 19th Senate District. Thank you for your interest in learning about my campaign and my plan for serving you and your families as PA Senator for our 19th District.

Please look over the materials on this website. Contact me with questions, comments and to join the team. As always, I am open to advice and feedback.

Again, thank you for your interest in my campaign. I look forward to partnering with you to keep Chester County great!

– Duane

About Duane

Duane is a lifelong Chester County resident, and lives a life of service.

He has served his community in multiple roles:

  • Army Captain
  • State Representative
  • Political Science Professor

As Senator, Duane will continue to serve the people of Chester County and protect our way of life.

Portrait photo of Duane at Picnic table

We Did it! Thank you!

Fun Fact: Ash Wednesday and Valentine’s Day last coincided in 2018. The good news to share is that I’m lovin’ how my campaign for state Senator launched with strong community support as we filed my candidate petition with nearly 1,500 signatures, triple the...

Endorsed by Republican Committee of Chester County

I am honored to earn the endorsement of the Republican Committee of Chester County to run for the state Senate in the 19th District! I will be campaigning hard all year as I share with voters my platform for a Chester County characterized by strict fiscal...

Read: Senate Campaign Announcement

I am running for the 19th Senate District in Chester County as I seek to contribute as a partner on our winning team in 2024! In winning, our slate will build upon the legacy of the many great Republican legislators who have elevated this county to excellence, as we will repeatedly remind the voters. This announcement letter highlights why I am running, what my policy platform is, and how I am qualified to win this election and serve you effectively in office.

A True Chester County Candidate

Why I’m Running

I feel called to run for Chester County Senator because, like you, I am so grateful for the many blessings that all of us benefit from and enjoy here. I want to protect and advance our quality of life for generations to come. Additionally, after my recent Army service of nearly a year in the Middle East, I returned home more energized than ever about American exceptionalism, and mission-focused to keep Chester County’s slice of the American pie great!